April 2020 a three-page article: “
Susie Hodge in Conversation with Rosalind Robinson” published in ‘The Artist’ magazine.

Artist Magazine article April 2020

In February 2019 Rosalind Robinson was interviewed about her mural, gifted to Alzheimers UK for their new Dementia Day Care Centre in Warminster, Wiltshire

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In November 2018 Rosalind Robinson was interviewed about her work by ‘The Floating Circle’ online magazine.

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Outside Insight front cat
Rosalind Robinson and the sculptor Hans Borgonjon collaborated in mounting an exhibition of their work at The Silk Mill Gallery in Frome.
Hans, who is from Flanders, had made a series of sculptures from re-assembled parts of an old Flemish loom.
Echoes of the Flemish portrait painting tradition can be found in Rosalind’s paintings.

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Unpredictable Explorations front cat
In 2015, Rosalind Robinson and Roger Zair set out to explore the possibilities of showing their paintings and poetry together,
in one exhibition space.
‘Unpredictable Explorations’ was the result.

To view a PDF of the catalogue, please send a request using the contact page of this website.

Recreation of the Victorian Scenery for Normansfield Theatre

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 10.38.23

Theatre scenery is normally re-used, painting the next set over the previous one many times until the canvas and frames wear out. The Normansfield Theatre is a Grade 2 listed building and is almost unique in possessing a large collection of original Victorian scenery.
In 2007, I was commissioned to re-create a new false proscenium arch and two complete stage sets so that the theatre could continue to be used for operas, drama productions, film and television work. The fragile original scenery has been conserved in the building’s own Theatre Museum.
Recapturing the rapid painting styles of the original Victorian painters and trying to match the original colours whilst achieving an aged look in the new painting presented me with interesting challenges. I hadn’t been involved in theatre work for many years but was able to draw on my early training as a scenic painter with the BBC to satisfactorily complete the project.
Details of the work as it progressed were published in two articles for the American publication, The
Painter's Journal, issues 19 and 22.

In 2011 I was asked to present an illustrated paper about the project to 150 delegates at the annual Traditional Paint Forum conference held in The Freemason’s Hall Covent Garden London.
The full paper was then published in
TPF News magazine Vol.3No.3 November 2012